Healthy Habits Start at Home

Welcome to the 2023 Health and Wellness issue. While everyone wants to live a healthier life, many people don’t realize how important it is to maintain a clean environment in your own home. Our article on healthy home habits explains how to keep your indoor air free of pollutants, make use of natural light, and keep the place spotless without using harsh chemicals.

In your outdoor space, a well-maintained lawn can make your yard cooler, reduce carbon dioxide, and help reduce flooding. Our article explains how smart management of your lawn can create a welcoming space for kids to play in that also contributes to a healthy environment.

Our article on reducing stress offers ideas such as finding a furry friend and staying active. Meditation and simple breathing exercises can help calm your mind while also improving physical health. Finding ways to stay positive and show gratitude can also go a long way toward making you feel better from head to toe.

Despite our best efforts at staying healthy, serious diseases such as cancer can turn people’s lives upside down. Our article on one teenager’s battle against cancer shows how she made the most of a terrible situation. She managed to find joy in the small moments such as while chatting with her mother during long car rides to and from the hospital. The Bear Fund helps families going through health challenges by providing gas cards and other forms of support.

While not as deadly as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can have a devastating effect on everyday life. Our article on veterans struggling with IBD offers ideas for managing the chronic condition through diet modification as well as regular consultations with your doctor.

A key part of getting young children on the right path is to make sure they’re meeting developmental milestones. Our article shares tips for using toys and other forms of stimulation to help kids develop mentally and physically.

Finally, if you’ve been procrastinating about joining a gym, we have an article that will help you take the plunge. The key is finding a gym that will allow you to work at your own pace and provide support when needed.

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  1. Baby Steps
  2. Joining a Gym
  3. Finding Joy in the Darkness
  4. Grass Facts
  5. Finding Your Zen
  6. Vets and IBD
  7. Healthy Home Habits