Hope and Health on the Horizon

The very concept of health and wellness has taken on new meaning over the past year as the whole world has grappled with the pandemic. With the wider availability of the COVID-19 vaccines, the next few months are promising to be a period of recovery and renewal. Even after the virus itself is contained, however, many will still be dealing with emotional and mental health struggles.

Our article on mental health tips offers a survival guide for the months and years ahead. It emphasizes open communication within the family, as well as an extra-large dose of self-care. Everyone deals with anxiety and stress in their own way, and on their own timeline, so it’s important to be patient with everyone, but especially with children.

For those who prefer a little outdoor gardening therapy as a mood booster, our piece on gardening trends features ideas for creating a beautiful garden and growing healthy vegetables and herbs. Visual delights, heavenly smells, and tasty home-grown food are surefire ways to give you a brighter outlook on the future.

Of course, the big thing that many of us are eager to do is: get out of the house more! While travel will continue to be a little tricky until the majority of the population gets vaccinated, many people are finding creative ways to take a short vacation. Our article on traveling during the pandemic explains that road trips can be a viable option as long as you avoid crowded destinations and follow common-sense guidelines.

While COVID-19 gets most of the headlines these days, other serious diseases continue to upend people’s lives as they always have. Our article on one family’s advice for coping with lymphoma shows how health challenges are a true team effort even when only one family member is going through treatment. Here again, one of the keys is to communicate openly and give the patient and other family members the space they need.

Finally, our article on UPMC Pinnacle West Shore’s advanced lung care services reminds us that we’re lucky to have several state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in our region.

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