Surviving and Thriving in a Pandemic

Welcome to the 2021 Small Business edition of West Shore Connect. From the local craft store to the veterinarian, small businesses of one kind or another touch our lives every day. Sadly, many of the ones that rely on foot traffic and one-to-one interaction have faced particularly tough times during the pandemic. We hope you’ll continue to do your part by spending your hard-earned dollars locally whenever possible and supporting our advertisers.

Often, the small businesses that succeed are those that find a need in the community and come up with a clever way to address it. Our story on entrepreneur Kristina Witman explores how she took the problem of high-priced kids’ sports gear and turned it into a successful business in the form of a consignment store. Her other business, Fraxture Factory, is truly a sign of the times. It allows people to release their stress by smashing cars and throwing axes—in a safe, controlled environment.

Our article on tips for helping small businesses survive the pandemic covers ideas for making the most of digital marketing and kicking community engagement up a notch or two. It also features brief case studies of businesses that are bringing those ideas to life. These small companies are doing everything from providing beds for homeless people to donating generators for senior citizens’ homes.

If you’re currently in the market for a job, check out our piece on job hunting tips. In addition to learning everything you can about a company, it helps to really understand the role of technology in today’s hiring process. The right keywords on your resume just might get you in the door—the rest is up to you.
Finally, our article on using the latest technology in farming reveals how smartphones, software, and other gadgets can work together to help family farms compete with large-scale corporate farms. More up-to-date information and greater efficiency can help businesses thrive even in these crazy times.

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