The Fine Art of Aging Well

Welcome to the 2023 Senior Living edition of West Shore Connect! As more people live well into their 90s, many families are faced with the prospect of taking care of young kids and elderly parents at the same time. Our article on the “sandwich generation” explores ways to juggle the many responsibilities of raising children while also caring for elderly parents.

One way seniors can help themselves stay physically and mentally healthy is by getting involved in volunteering. Our piece on AmeriCorps offers tips for using the skills and wisdom acquired over a lifetime to make a difference in the lives of people around you. The organization has programs that can adapt to your schedule, whether that means occasionally serving meals to those in need or helping to mentor students on a regular basis.

Our article on building and maintaining healthy habits delves into the psychology of routines and how to take charge of your own “brain loops.” The good news is that maintaining positive habits is almost as easy as continuing bad habits once you find the right mental framework.

At some point, many people face struggles related to alcohol. Alcohol abuse can lead to everything from minor embarrassment to major legal and health problems. If you suspect you even have a slight problem, it’s important to talk to a professional. Our article offers tips on finding the path forward that works for you.

When most people think of walkers and shower chairs, the last thing on their mind is aesthetics. But thanks to Martha Stewart, safety around the house can now come with a touch of style. Our article on these attractive and functional safety products demonstrates how to make your home safer without making it look like a hospital.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to be in good health, why not take a trip? Our story on Arkansas explores the scenic small towns and culture-rich big cities of this friendly and inviting part of the country.

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