Helping Seniors Have Fun and Stay Well

Helping Seniors Have Fun and Stay Well
In this 2021 Senior Living issue, we hope to help you and your loved ones stay happy and healthy for as long as possible. In our article on multigenerational fun, we share ideas for building bonds between the youngest and oldest in your family, such as taking road trips, telling stories, or playing timeless games.

While it can endow us with abundant wisdom, the aging process unfortunately can also lead to aches, pains, and major health challenges. Our article on a new treatment for diabetic neuropathy offers hope for those who suffer from the tingling, burning, and cramps associated with this chronic and all-too-common condition.

Bone health often requires more attention as we enter our golden years. Our article on osteoporosis explores exercises and other lifestyle factors that can slow the progression of the disease. It’s important to understand your risk factors and what you can do to protect your bones. Weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises in particular can help seniors maintain bone density and feel better too!

Since it’s a condition that will impact almost everyone at some point in their lives, we have two articles on Alzheimer’s disease. First, we discuss the overall impact of Alzheimer’s and look into a company that hopes to produce new treatments for the devastating disease. Next, our article on Alzheimer’s warning signs explores the personal side of dealing with tough conversations related to early memory problems and dementia.

Finally, when you’re faced with urgent health issues, it’s nice to know UPMC West Shore is always here to help. They offer tips on how to decide when to go to the emergency department, an urgent care clinic, or your primary care doctor. We hope everyone stays safe during the holiday season, but help is just a phone call away when you need it.

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  1. Emergency or Not
  2. Making Alzheimer’s Just a Memory
  3. Alzheimer’s Warningn Signs
  4. Relief for Diabetic Nerve Pain
  5. Aging and Bone Health
  6. Fun with Granparents