The Joys of Gardening

Welcome to the 2024 Lawn and Garden edition of West Shore Connect! Beyond the simple pleasure of having pretty flowers to look at, gardening offers a range of other benefits, from lowering blood pressure to maintaining a strong sense of community among neighbors. A well-planned lawn and garden can also help the environment, providing food and nesting spots for birds, bees, and other critters.
While grass lawns are sometimes frowned upon due to the amount of watering required, our article on eco-friendly lawns explains the positive role they can play in reducing flooding, absorbing carbon dioxide, and even lowering the temperature. A healthy lawn can also serve as a giant water filter, preventing contaminants from entering municipal water systems.

Shady areas in your garden provide a welcome respite from the heat, but most plants struggle to survive without direct sunlight. Check out our article on impatiens for an easy solution. Impatiens thrive in the shade, and they’re available in a variety of bloom colors, from white to bright red.

Watching birds can add another fun component to your time in the garden. Take a look at our article on bird seed to find out which types can attract the most beautiful birds to your backyard.
If you’ve ever started an outdoor DIY project only to discover that you’re missing an important thingamajig, you’ll appreciate Lowe’s new partnership with DoorDash. Our article explains how, through the app, you can have everything from gardening tools to supplies delivered to your front porch.

One popular DIY project is creating your own rain barrel. This is a great way to support water conservation while also reducing your water bill. Our article details a simple way to create a rain barrel with just a few tools.

Finally, our article on taking care of cut flowers will help you bring the beauty of the garden into your home. While gardening can be hard work, your efforts will be rewarded in countless ways. Enjoy!

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