A Healthy Home Is a Happy Home

After a year where our homes were also used as classrooms, offices, and playgrounds, this might be a good time to freshen it up and tackle some maintenance chores. Our article on introducing new colors into your living space offers one of the simplest ways to make that all-too-familiar home seem new again. Beyond simply repainting the walls, you can add colorful appliances and furniture too.

Our piece on cleaning and reorganizing your home can help make everyday life more efficient and drama-free. For example, instead of constantly moving toys from the living room to the kids’ room, you may want to simply add a storage space for toys in a central location. This is also a prime opportunity to get rid of any toys, clothes, or even furniture that doesn’t get used very often. Less clutter will help you imagine new possibilities for the space.

Water damage can be one of the sneakiest disrupters of domestic bliss. Small leaks can begin under a sink or even inside a wall and cause major problems over time. Our article on preventing water-related problems explores the most common issues and how to stay on top of them.

Undiscovered leaks can also lead to mold and air quality problems. Check out our tips for maintaining clean air throughout the home, including simple tasks such as changing air filters regularly and installing a carbon monoxide detector.

Finally, many have found their happy place during the pandemic outside in the garden. Whether you want pretty flowers or nutritious veggies, our article on the latest gardening trends can help you get started. The National Garden Bureau has designated 2021 as the Year of the Sunflower, so why not add a little summer cheer to your garden and try your hand at growing these big, beautiful flowers? In addition to their massive blooms, sunflowers produce a bounty of edible seeds. Gorgeous flowers plus a healthy snack. Who could ask for more?

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